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Swedish firm AutoLiv launches Airbag concept for e-scooters


Autoliv creates airbag concept for electric scooters

Safety is always top of mind. And one of the reasons that we highly reccomend choosing the right scooter for your environment. City riding requires one type of e-scooter, while subruban and rural riding requires another. With that in mind, Swedish airbag maker Autoliv, which manufactures airbag systems, seatbelts and inflator technologies amongst other safety products is trying to solve the uber important problem of scooter rider and pedestrian safety.

AutoLiv Performs first crash test of an e-scooter airbag

This has tremendous promise, as scooters get faster each year. Ultimately, we all want a high-performance e-scooter that can travel close to auto speeds, but, if you've ever been on a scooter at high speeds, you know how dangerous that feels.

Of equal importance, is vehicle safety. Even at slow speeds, vehicles and riders can misjudge stopping distance or turn capabilities and end up colliding. The Autoliv solution, evidentally has a automobile component, that would deploy on the outside of the car (according to the company, the only exterior airbag on the market) further protecting e-scooter riders.

Hard to tell, at this point whether the solution will be (widely) adopted, but, this is certainly a step in the right direction.

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