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Boosted Folds, A Few Rev Scooters May Still Be Available Though


*Boosted Boards Shutting Down, But the Rev is Still Available *

Selling High-end scooters isn't for the faint of heart. While many lower end scooters use off the shelf parts and are largely relying on manual labor to slap them togther, higher end scooters are more of a craft item. Looking at the Boosted Rev, you'll see a lot of customized parts and stream-lined pieces.

Boosted was one of the most successful Kickstarters scooters ever. Unfortunately, that doesn't always translate in to lasting success. While, they were obviously right about the bright future for e-scooters, they may have underestimated the competitive forces that would arise in the market.

That being said, if you had a Rev on your wishlist, then there is some good news. The remaining inventory of Rev scooters has been acquired by one of their investors who happens to own a mobility store in San Francisico. They have created a website BoostedUSA to sell and service the Rev.

According to the store, part one of the last shipment sold out very quickly. The store is expecting more scooters in the next few weeks, or maybe a month, but, we would act fast if you had your eye on one of these.

At 46 pounds, this scooter is not for those who need to carry it up and down a lot of stairs, but rather, for those who pop it in the car or can go door to door without much need to lift, this is a great unit.

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