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Scooter Stores are opening up in Manhattan



Inokim has two new stores in Manhattan

Inokim is a scooter brand that has recently opened two new stores in Manhattan. These sleek looking scooters come in multiple models and prices, giving you ultimate choice.

  • OxSuper
  • OX
  • Light2
  • Quick3
  • Mini
  • OXO

They range in price from $999 - $2800 to suit a variety of needs and conditions. You can also rank these scooters by weight, they range from 23lbs to about 72lbs as the motors and batteries get bigger. Having a store is also great, because it gives you the ability to do a test-drive ! Which is crucial in determining the right scooter for you. There aren't many places today, where you can test drive different models, so this alone, is a great reason to visit the stores.

Additionally, Inokim sells one of the best collection of accessories. Most importantly, they sell several locks that are essential for most riders. This is one of the things that is so crucial when spending more on a personal scooter.

Local is Crucial

The most important aspect of a scooter in a big city is also warranty and repair. With street-level stores, you have a place to go if youy pop a tire or break a tail-light. The Inokim scooters come with a 1 year warrant on major parts, which seems pretty standard, but, just as important, they repair scooters and have a US presence where they can source replacement parts.

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