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Lyft is leaving multiple markets



Lyft is reported to be leaving 6 scooter markets and laying off a small amount of people

The scooter industry is certainly getting more competitive, with new rental share scooter companies springing up everyday. At last count Austin, TX had 10 scooter companies operating. Similiar to the ride-share, food-delivery and video streaming wars, vigorous competition is driving down prices and margins. At this point, its likely that most of these companies are losing money as they blitz-scale their operations

That's why, we at WaveArray, are focused on bringing you the latest in e-scooter reviews and trends. The sharable scooter model is great when you are traveling or have friends in town, but, in general, owning a scooter in your home city or town is probably the greenest and safest solution for the last mile trips.

After all, thats the scooter you will spend the most time riding, and you want it to be durable and comfortable. Choosing the right scooter will help you conquer your city and your schedule.

Meanwhile the rental scooter industry will continue to evolve and provide viable last mile services. The scooters are getting better mechanically, year by year, and can now last around a year before either breaking completely or needing a full overhaul. Rental scooters certainly do see a lot of use, as well as a lot of careless riders.

So, in our opinion, keep using both options. Sharable scooters while traveling, or unable to lug it around, and your own scooter for everyday usage.

TechCrunch - Lyft is Ceasing Scooter Operations In Six Cities

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