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Renting vs Buying



Which one is right for you?

With rental scooters, one size fits all. So, we get whatever kind of machine the rental company is offering. Usually this is the XiaoMi M365 or the Ninebot Segway ES2 model. And those models are great, but, what if you are riding on the streets of New York and need more suspension? Or what if you are in San Francisco and have lots of hilly streets? The one-size-fits-all solution is actually a tough one for scooters.

If you weigh less, you can make do with a lower-power motor, if you are a heavier rider, you'll need more power. If you need to carry the scooter up and down stairs or into/out of the subway, then you will need a lighter model. It really depends. Thats why we analyze scooters on multiple criteria to help you find the perfect model.

Not only will you be able to choose the right model for you, but, it will last longer. Thats because the bumps and jumps in the road are what kills the scooter. If you buy the right scooter for the road conditions in your city, the scooter is much more likely to last longer.

Additionally, owning a scooter rather than renting one is Greener. Rental scooters have to be charged by 'Juicers' who cruise the streets late-night for scooters with dead batteries, take them to a central location (or their home) and then disperse them throughout the city before sunrise. This is a very tedious process that requires a gasoline powered vehicle (ususally) to do the dirty work. By you plugging the device into your home or work outlet, you're saving the environment!

Another consideration, is safety. While rental scooters often do have reflectors or lights, some of the new scooters that you can buy, offer high powered LED front and read safety lights, as well as turn signals and running lights. When you're trying to get noticed by cars and trucks, the more lights the better.

As noted by Sam Sabin of the Morning Consult (https://morningconsult.com/2019/11/13/shared-scooter-rentals-cities-fueling-market-personal-e-scooters/) rental scooter companies are leading to demand for owned scooters. This makes sense to us, especially as the newer scooters hitting the street are more durable, lighter and faster.

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