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Unagi Scooters Available at Multiple NYC Retailers



Unagi Scooters available in Manhattan at Major Retailers and Speciality Stores

You can check out these very sleek Unagi scooters at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom locations in New York City. They are also sold at select speciality retailers like Paragon in the Union Square area and Filipacchi in SoHo.

The "Model One" scooters are sold in multiple rust-proof colors and in a single-motor or dual-motor version. As their website states, the single-motor model is good for riders who live in relatively flat areas, while the dual-motor version is perfect for riders in more hilly regions. With only a small price difference between the two (about $150) we highly reccomend the dual-motor version, for wider usability.

Unagi scooters also have some nice features like:

  • a carbon-fiber handlebar stem
  • LED front and rear lights
  • light-weight magnesium alloy handlebars
  • electronic antilock brakes as well as a friction brake
  • patented "one-click" easy folding system
  • puncture proof tires with suspension effects
  • three speed electronic speed control

With financing available from Affirm, Check out these stylish and rugged scooters today!

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